Electric motor step

Understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of electric motor step

The stepper electric motor is a machine that is used in restricted applications considered, it is necessary to have a specific position such as printers, robots and also for applications in the automation system.

The step electric motor has some advantages and among them are: precision, lack of feedback, robustness, long service life, no maintenance and more savings, it is compared to servomotors that have direct current.

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The disadvantages presented by the electric motor are: the electric motor must have an electronic power system dedicated, is an electric motor of small powers, few copies available, the speed of this electric motor model is limited both in time occurring load inertia that is triggered which is activated above certain limits which causes pitch error.

Electric motor operation

The operation of the electric motor is a simple procedure to be understood. Before we begin to deal with this matter, you need to know what it is for this engine. The electric motor is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy.


The electric motor uses the principle of electromagnetism to be able to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this, the engine is inside specific pieces that helped the end result. Opening engine is possible to know a little better about each piece and its functionality it, so we understand why it is so important and why various segments make use of it.

Understanding the operation of the engine is a simple and interesting process, it allows us to understand how it makes the conversion of energy. By offering this feature, the engine can be present in two segments and is proving increasingly important and effective.

Homemade electric motor

Homemade electric motor is not difficult to set up and many people are interested in this type. It is interesting to follow them information and tips on how to make this machine at home, because the procedure is simpler than most think. Here you can see a little more about how the engine runs home.

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In order to make homemade electric motor you have to find a tutorial that will teach step by step how the procedure works. This is not difficult and the internet you can find various material information on this subject, it is important that you find one that is really easy to do.

Much of the homemade electric motor uses magnets to work, so suitable for most standard applications. Being a simple engine, it can not be present in very complex applications that require more power the machine, so it’s good to have attention to this detail.

Special electric motor has in its classification with the servo motor and stepper motor

The servomotor moves as the electric motor rated but moving by specific commands and is classified depending on the feed stream is used.

In the DC servo motor speed control or position occurs by regulating the current in the rotor are coils, since the AC is by regulating the frequency of the current in the field coils.

The stepper electric motor is also in the special engine class. The step electric motor has a precise control of position or particular action used in robots or equipment that require specified coordinates. The step electric motor has a rotation angle which is predetermined by making use of a control system.


How is a special electric motor, the stepper motor can not be connected directly into the socket, the electric current because a stepper motor is a pulse motor.

Types and Electric Motor Models

There are several types of electric motors they vary according to the application that will be present. It originated because of the development of engines that bring different models so that he could be present in several different applications. electrical transformers t3533411s

With so many options of electric motors it is interesting to make an analysis of which will meet the features you need both. The most common types are the single-phase and three-phase models. Besides them, there are also others. The applicant must make an analysis of the options available so that it can choose the best engine to meet his needs.

Several types and models of electric motor that can be used in various end applications. which is independent of the type, the goal is always the same: make the transformation of ethics into mechanical energy. But as it has many models it is interesting to know which is right for you.